Greek actress: I fear no coronavirus, I will receive the Blood and Body of Christ in Holy Communion

Maria Solomou said she would receive Holy Communion on Sunday

Greek actress Maria Solomou said she would go to Church on Sunday to receive Holy Communion, adding she was not at all concerned about the threat of coronavirus.

The actress spoke to Christian medium “Orthodox Tribune”, explaining: “I will take communion on Sunday and I am not afraid of anything. I have fasted all of Lent but due to the pandemic I could not receive Holy Communion.”

Responding to concerns raised about the transmission of the deadly virus through Holy Communion (Orthodox believers share one cup and spoon during Communion), the actress said: “I don’t want to think about such things. I believe and will receive the Body and Blood of Christ”, pointing out: “Fear sometimes overpowers faith. And especially amid a pandemic, we see this happening more often. People are currently vulnerable to fear and are sometimes defeated by it.”