Greek authorities slap offenders of Covid-19 measures with fines worth 237,750 euros on Friday

There were 2,475 cases reported

Greek police found 2,475 violations of the Covid-19 restrictive measures on Friday, slapping offenders with a total of 237,750 euros worth of fines.

During extensive checks, amounting to 74,230 inspections, competent law enforcement agencies tasked with implementing the strict measures including (EL.AS, Coast Guard, DIMEA, EAD, Municipal Police, Regions) found 2,475 cases that were in violation.

According to the checks, the main violations concerned, failure to send the proper SMS message for movement, non-use of masks, failure to produce a certificate of movement

The inspections focused on compliance with the measures for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles, the operation of food outlets, and public bodies.

The movement curfew is in force from 9 pm to 05:00 am, throughout the country.

The aim is to limit movements to the absolute minimum, in the context of preventing the spread of coronavirus transmission.

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