Greek Church blasts media figures for obsessive attacks against the Holy Communion

The Holy Synod issued a statement

The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church released a statement calling media ‘obsessed’ with the Holy Communion and the danger it poses in light of the Covid-19 spread.

The statement denounced ‘mocking’ remarks on the part of the media in the wake of the death of Metropolitan of Lagadas from coronavirus, making refernce of distortions.

The statement clarifies that “the church has never supported the deniers of the coronavirus pandemic”.

The announcement of the Holy Synod in detail:

“On the occasion of the death of the blessed Metropolitan of Lagadas, Ioannis, some journalists mocked in an uncivilized way his death and the testimony of his faith in Holy Communion, as if they had information about the cause of the transmission of the disease. The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece sadly finds that certain media never stop targeting Orthodox Christians, clergy and laity, as their ideological opponent.”

“Some aspiring public commentators neurotically insist on attacking exclusively the Holy Communion and imposing unscientific correlations with the spread of the coronavirus, in defiance of epidemiological evidence, and even deciding on matters of faith “dogma and faith with no theological knowledge.”

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