Greek Health Minister: Children 12-15 to be vaccinated before schools starts

He said the number of vaccines was adequate

Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias estimated that 70% of the Greek population will have been vaccinated in the summer, speaking to Open TV station on Thursday morning.

Kikilias left open the possibility that vaccinations for vaccinations of children aged 12-15 would start before the school season commences in September.

“We will have reached this percentage (70%) in the summer”, if the deliveries of vaccines continue normally, the Minister of Health estimated, answering a relevant question about when we can feel safe.

Mr. Kikilias added that the adequacy of vaccines is guaranteed as “30 million doses of vaccines have already been pre-purchased” by our country.

The Minister of Health left open the possibility that vaccinations should start before the school year for children aged 12 to 15 if the European Medicines Agency approves the vaccines for these ages. Asked how parents will be persuaded to vaccinate their children, Kikilias said that “the vast majority of citizens are convinced of the need for vaccinations.”

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