Greeks in favour of OXI Day military parade, and ‘love’ the French, poll shows

The respondents say the government’s managing of the pandemic was positive

Greeks are in favour of the government’s decision to allow the military parade o October 28th for the annual celebration of the OXI Day, according to the second part of the poll conducted by Marc for the ANT1 television.

57.4% consider the relevant decision “correct and rather correct”, while 37.7% answer that it is “wrong and rather wrong”. It is interesting that 53.2% of the vaccinated and… 80.7% of the unvaccinated approve of the decision. Respectively, the negative opinions are at 41.9% and at 15.1%.

Two out of three ND voters said “yes”, while there is a percentage of 41.6% of SYRIZA voters, who also agree with the government choice.

When asked what the unvaccinated vote for, a percentage of 18.9% says SYRIZA, with the Hellenic Solution following, having a percentage of 18.6%. ND has a percentage of 12.2% in the unvaccinated, MERA 25 records 3.7%, KKE 3.5%, while KINAL has the faithful base in vaccines, since it registers only 1.8% in the unvaccinated.

Three in four of the unvaccinated said they would stick by their choice and not get vaccinated, while one in four say they have planned to do it or are considering taking the jab.

The government is rated positively in dealing with the pandemic by 52% of the respondents, with a percentage of 46.6% rating it negatively.

The survey also recorded which countries Greeks considered more friendly to Greece. France wins by 70.2%, followed by the United States and Russia, while Saudi Arabia is in fourth place with 14.2. Germany enjoys positive opinions from only 4% of respondents.

When asked from which country Greece should receive investments, the USA leads with 43.3% with France following (37%) and Saudi Arabia coming in third (28.8%). Then there are China, Russia, and Germany, but with only 12.3%.