Hidden Chambers & Meaning: Is the Great Pyramid for a King or Priests?

How much do we REALLY know?…

When I first thought of elements in the pyramid, I had no idea that I would end up postulating the existence of another hidden chamber. Can we locate it more precisely and find out how to get into it?

The sun god Ra-Atum’s chamber may be located between Shu’s cham­ber and Nut’s; between the King’s chamber and the pyramid’s flat top, in the traditional view. It would be an interesting chamber to find, consider­ing the sun god’s importance back then.

(The King’s chamber with antechamber and “con­struction chambers” above it. From J. & M. Edgar: ‘The Great Pyramid Passages and Chambers’)

RA-ATUM’s Chamber – FIRE (Assumed)

The original altitude of the Khufu pyramid , 280 cubit, equals the radius of a circle with a circumference the length of the four pyramid sides added, each being 440 cubits. This suggests the Egyptians knew and used the value 22/7 for π.

Chefren/Khafre’s pyramid , a neighbor to Khufu’s and Egypt’s second largest, has a half side length, al­titude, and slant height that suits the simple 3-4-5 right-angled triangle. Rainer Stadelmann reports in ‘ Die Egyptischen Pyramiden’ that the side length is 215.25 meters (706.20 ft.) and the height 143.50 meter (470.80 ft.)

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