“It’s like men haven’t seen a woman in ages”, brothel owner says after re-opening of sex houses in Athens

All safety measures are kept, brothel owner told tabloid “Espresso”

Brothels in Greece saw an increased amount of business upon reopening after the pandemic lockdown, despite negative predictions.

As tabloid newspaper Espresso reported, when they opened their doors, and despite the masks and necessary safety precautions the number of clients was notably high.

“It’s as if men haven’t seen women for ages! They came and would force them away to avoid creating an overcrowding! I told them to go around and come back later…,” describes the owner of a brothel in Fili and confirmed that during the sexual act both the prostitute and the client wore a mask and gloves.

“The girls suggest to the clients attitudes that do not bring their faces closer, for safety reasons. Only if the client wants oral sex will the girl temporarily take off the mask and then put it back on…,” the owner of one of the largest brothels in Athens told “Espresso”.

Photo by form PxHere