Liverpool fans learn to correctly pronounce Tsimikas (video)

They are getting the intonation wrong, but they will get there…

The move of Greek player Kostas Tsimikas to EPL and UEFA Champions League winners Liverpool was received in an overwhelmingly positive way by the Reds fans who welcomed the ex-Olympiakos player on social medial.

But now, as in most cases with Greek names, they will have to learn how to pronounce his surname correctly.

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The last name of the young left-back may not be as difficult as that of Socrates Papastathopoulos for the English, however, as it already seems the Brits are finding it somewhat hard to get the intonation right.

Liverpool fans are so excited about the transfer, that they took to use Google Translate  in order to learn correctly how they can call the 24-year-old full-back.