Mandatory self-test in supermarkets, retail stores and restaurants

The free self-tests would be available from next Monday

The Greek Minister of Labour, Kostis Hatzidakis, announced on Wednesday that the Covid-19 self-test would become available to new categories of workers in the workforce, highlighting the usefulness of the tool for the government, in order to proceed with the plan of gradual relaxation of the lockdown and restoration of economic activity in critical sectors of the economy in view of the tourist season.

Mr. Hatzidakis announced that from Monday the process of distribution of free self-tests from pharmacies would begin, with the demonstration of social security number (AMKA), to employees employed in stores that are already open, in order to preserve the restriction of dispersion in the community. The Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Kontozamanis, clarified the State sectors where employees will be obliged to present a negative self-test in order to be able to physically appear at their workplace.

The private sector areas where the self-tests would be given are:

-Retail, with supermarkets and grocery stores
-transportation, land, sea, and air
-In cleaning services
– barbershops, hairdressers, beauty salons
-and gambling companies