Miss Swimsuit UK, 23, is stripped of title over “All Lives Matter” Facebook post

Her actor boyfriend shared anti-BLM meme stating “white privilege is a leftist lie”

The US talent boss boyfriend of the Miss Swimsuit UK stripped of her crown after posting an anti Black Lives Matter rant has himself declared that white privilege is a ‘leftist lie’ in a series of his own outbursts following George Floyd’s murder, MailOnline can reveal today.

Jasmine Archer-Jones, 23, from Chester, who moved to Texas shortly after winning the title last year, took to Facebook to share her view that Mr Floyd may not have been innocent and that ‘ALL lives matter’.

Miss Archer has been in a relationship with US-based talent agency boss Todd Markey since March, according to her Facebook profile.

Based in Houston, Texas, Mr Markey, who spent some of his childhood in South Africa, is believed to be a Donald Trump supporting separated father-of-two who shares his girlfriend’s views on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last month he posted a photograph of white BLM protesters with the caption: ‘White guilt is real, white privilege is a leftist lie’ and declared: ‘Couldn’t have said it better myself’.

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Miss Archer-Jones made her controversial post on June 3 relating to the wave of protests sweeping the globe.

She wrote: ‘This is ridiculous now. It HAS to STOP. ALL lives matter, if you look deeply into statistics, more UNARMED WHITE people DIED than BLACK last year’, reports The Sun.

She added: ‘Yes some people may say George Floyd died when he was innocent but I am yet to see hard evidence of this.

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