Motorists to use a single e-pass for road-tolls across Greece

It has taken effect from November 4th

Drivers will be able to pass through all of Greece’s road-tolls as of today, November 4, 2020, using a single electronic e-pass card in their possession.

In particular, motorists can pass through the tolls at the Attiki Odos, the Nea Odos, the Central Odos, the Aegean Motorway, the Egnatia Odos, the Bridge, the Olympia Odos, and Morea.

Until now, drivers had to use one up to 3 different e-passes for one route. Under the new system implemented, a driver can cross the whole country with a single e-pass.

For example, he will travel from Athens – Thessaloniki with the same transceiver as his own provider and without having to procure a new transceiver.

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