New 5.3 earthquake hits Crete

The aftershocks continue after the major 5.8 tremor on Monday

The seismic activity on Crete continued, as a new 5.3 aftershock scale occurred in Heraklion at 07:48.

According to the Geodynamic Institute, the epicentre of the earthquake was Arkalochori, where yesterday the 5.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded.

The tremor was felt in Heraklion.

According to the data, it had a focal depth of 13.9 km and an epicentre of 22 km in Heraklion.

The earthquake was felt throughout the prefecture of Heraklion. Tremors of the order of 3 Richter followed in the area.

Reports speak of new damage to already dilapidated buildings in Arkalochori. According to, a landslide was caused to Koudoumas by the tremor.