PM Mitsotakis and French President Macron announce Belh@rra frigates deal (video)

Greece agreed to buy 3 French Belh@rra frigates

French President Emanuel Macron, and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced from the Elysee Palace in Paris the agreement between the two sides for the purchase of armaments and the defence agreement in a joint press conference.

The two leaders made reference to the deal with the choice for Athens to acquire one more, the purchase of six more Rafale, something that was first revealed by as well as the fact that the final details for the acquisition of the 3 + 1 Gowind-class corvettes as an intermediate solution. A commission totaling about 5 billion euros. This package includes all the weapon systems that these ships can carry.

However, as wrote earlier regarding the Gowind-class corvettes, the Greek side appears in the context of the relevant negotiations to have succeeded in increasing their number from 3 to 4, thus further expanding the advantages of the French proposal for the Navy.

The statements to the press began with the position of the French president who described the signing of the agreement as a very important moment, as he noted that it is the culmination of intensive cooperation of the last 18 months. Greece-France co-operation is part of the EU and NATO, he said, adding that it contributes to European independence. “We have a common vision,” said the French president, addressing Kyriakos Mitsotakis, referring to greater European commitments regarding the protection of the continent’s sovereign rights.

On his part, the Prime Minister noted that Greece and France have an important relationship that goes beyond the obligations arising from NATO and the EU. “Our joint efforts have highlighted in the most reasonable way the challenges of the climate crisis in the Mediterranean,” said the Mitsotakis noting that Greece and France have long shared values, such as human rights.

Greece and France, said the Prime Minister, are today taking the first step towards European defence independence.

The Prime Minister then announced that Greece has procured three French frigates Belh@rra with the possibility of acquiring another, saying that the agreement strengthens the common defence industry. “The agreement also has a Euro-Atlantic character,” said Mitsotakis, since the two countries are members of the EU and NATO.