Palestinians protest calling on Erdogan to send troops to Gaza (video)

Erdogan made pro-Palestinian statements on Friday again

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated after the Islamic prayer on Friday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City calling on Turkish President Erdogan to send troops in support of Hamas.

The protesters chanted “Erdogan-Erdogan” and “In the name of God, Turkey”, urging the Turkish president to help Hamas militarily in the conflict with the Israeli army, according to the Turkish daily Yeni Safak.

According to a written statement from the Administration of Islamic Institutions in Jerusalem, “more than 20,000 Palestinians took part in Friday prayers” – and many of them took part in the demonstration that followed.

Erdogan openly took the side of Hamas from the first moment the conflict broke out between the terrorist group Hamas and the Israeli Army in the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that he had recently attempted an approach to Israel.

Erdogan launches a new verbal attack on Israel on Friday afternoon:

“We are not happy and we will not tolerate Israeli violence against Palestine, even if much of the world is unaware of what is happening. Just as we did not allow a terrorist corridor to be created along our border with Syria, today we are resolutely opposed to those who place a hand on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. It is a duty of honour for all humanity to stand up to Israel’s attack on Palestinian cities and Jerusalem,” the Turkish president said.

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