PM Mitsotakis urges Greek teachers to get vaccinated

The PM spoke at an international conference on “The effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health and health care systems”

Addressing the international conference on “The effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health and health care systems”, organised by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in Athens, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged the educators to get vaccinated.

“In order for us to be able to reopen our schools, safely and with the least possible problems in September,” the prime minister explained, speaking at a conference on mental health the teachers at all levels should get vaccinated.  “I invite all the teaching staff, teachers, and professors. Please: Get vaccinated!”, he said.

The Greek PM said that although the Covid-19 pandemic presented the world with many great challenges, it also showed that many things are possible when governments, international organizations – such as the World Health Organization – and citizens mobilise to take joint action.

“I am here because I firmly believe that governments – at the highest level – have a duty to shed light on the often dark world of mental health. We must recognise that this is not a parameter that is simply included in the overall/tangible issue of public health but is a key component of it,” he underlined. “It requires action and we must take action now.”

“The lockdowns brought with them large-scale depression, often triggered by financial insecurity, as well as the tragic effects of domestic violence. At the same time, even the necessary protection measures to tackle the pandemic took on a dual character: they acted as a shield for adults, but also as restrictions on the freedom of young people.”

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