PM Mitsotakis: Vaccination for those over 30 starts on Holy Week

“All this brings us even closer to a summer of greater freedom and prosperity. So let us believe in ourselves”

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced in his message on Wednesday afternoon the expansion of the vaccination program to the citizens over 30 years of age from Holy Week.

The Prime Minister presented the roadmap for the exit from the lockdown and announced that the restaurant will reopen from Easter Monday, on May 10 elementary schools and high schools will open, while on the 15th of the month inter-regional travel will be allowed and tourism will open.

“I have said that our goal is a safe Easter and a free summer. But the former cannot undermine the latter. That’s why we should not travel at Easter”, said the Prime Minister.

“We must, therefore, think not only about our holidays, but also about the health of the people of our villages and islands. I know this may upset some people. But it is the only option that combines the reservations of doctors and the needs of society and the economy. And of course, the only one that will allow us, immediately after Easter, to proceed to a greater opening of activities”, he added.

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Prime Minister Mitsotakis added that, “we must walk this path carefully and together. Because the data give us optimism. But they also require discipline. With the prospect of lifting the restrictions, whoever is tired no longer has the alibi not to be disciplined”.

“From the Holy Week, in fact, a new vaccination line for our fellow citizens over 30 years of age starts, with a very fast process. The goal is to spread the wall of immunity in the country even faster. While the distribution of self-tests is already tripling throughout the country.

“All this brings us even closer to a summer of greater freedom and prosperity. So let us believe in ourselves. And let us welcome it safe, united and optimistic”, the Prime Minister concluded.