Police continue to search for fugitive Golden Dawn deputy Christos Pappas

He has not been seen since October 10

The number 2 in the leadership of extreme-right party Golden Dawn, Christos Pappas is fleeing arrest, as police are continuing their efforts to locate his whereabouts and bring him in.

According to information protothema.gr has obtained, the last time police officers saw Christos Pappas was on October 10, when he went out and then returned to his house in Papagou, Athens. The 2nd in command of the party, which was recently ruled a criminal organisation by Greek ourts, leading to the subsequent imprisonment of its members for years, appeared at the Papagou police station on October 1, as required in accordance with the restrictive conditions imposed on him after his release in 2015. Since October 10, three days after the court announced that Golden Dawn is criminal organization, Pappas was never seen again.

The Ministry of Citizen Protection released a statement underlining law enforcement was doing everything necessary to locate and imprison the fugitive deputy leader of Golden Dawn. In the same announcement, it was clarified, however, that it would have been illegal if it had put him under surveillance before the court decision.

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