Poll: The top 10 things Greeks will do once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted are…

The first one will surprise you

Greeks might be going through the most difficult weeks in terms of the coronavirus lockdown in an effort continue on the positive path of dealing with the pandemic, but that does not mean that the citizens are not making plans for the day after the nightmare ends.

But what is the first thing Greeks will do once the curfew and the strict traffic restrictions are lifted? According to an MRB poll for STAR TV, the first thing on the citizens’ wishes is to visit a barber shop or a hair salon (35%)!

This is followed by a vacation to another part of Greece and the “bronze” medal goes to visiting a clothing stores/shoes. The top five are complemented by beauty treatments and an air travel abroad.

The next 5 things making up the top 10 list are:

-to buy electrical appliances
-to go on vacation abroad
-to take a plane trip inside
-to buy furniture
-to buy a car

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