Robotic Wine Cellar Comes With A Virtual Waiter (video)

WineCab is the first-ever robotically powered system for wine collections

A robotic wine cellar comes with a virtual AI sommelier. WineCab – the first-ever robotically powered system for wine collections, reinvents the need for a traditional cellar. In the smart-home era, it was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence infiltrated wine collections.

Wine cellars, coveted by connoisseurs throughout the centuries, and once hidden away, have now come above ground and become centre stage for household activities. Custom created for amateur wine collectors to Michelin-starred restaurateurs, WineCab features a wine management system, an AI “virtual” sommelier, temperature control, security settings, and most notably—a 7 axis industrial high-speed robotic arm, the first time such technology has been introduced into a residential or restaurant environment.

It is an innovative solution for serious oenophiles, marrying the latest AI technology with custom luxe materials designed to store, protect and showcase. The WineCab WineWall is currently offered in a 6-foot, 11 foot, and 15-foot model to suit any-sized collection. Prices start at $179,000.

WineCab models allow owners, chefs and restaurateurs to display their collection of up to 600 bottles. Wine bottles are robotically scanned into Delectable – the most advanced wine management system on the market. The system also provides real-time data and recent history of bottles moved, dispensed or stored as well as relevant information on the wine itself including type, name, producers, varietals, and regions. Each WineCab also comes with an integrated AI system that assists with wine pairing selections and personalised suggestions. If a certain vintage is running low within the unit, WineCab will alert its owner to order more.

Facial recognition security has the ability to lock out important bottles from certain users. While cutting-edge technology is at the core of every WineCab, the design must equally allow it to perform exceptionally and unfailingly and to integrate seamlessly into any environment. With an endless array of custom cabinetry and finish options, WineCab’s artisan craftsmen will build each model to one’s exacting specifications, ensuring the uniqueness of each and every unit. Custom finishing options include exotic wood species, metal trims, interior wallpaper, and personalized engraving.

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