Russian media: Moscow to sell 40 Su-35s to Ankara but worn “they won’t help you against Greece & Egypt”

“It is impossible for Ankara to win the forces of Greece & Egypt in the air”

Ankara intends to buy 40 Su-35s from its natural ally, Russia, a Turkish Defense Ministry source told Turkish media.

According to yet unconfirmed information, the agreement between Russia and Turkey was concluded in the framework of the “Army-2020” forum, while it is an agreement worth about 3-4 billion dollars.

Russian sources, speaking to Svobodnaya Pressa, warned the Turks that with the 40 Su-35 and the S-400 they could close the gap with Greece in the air, but it is impossible for Ankara to win the forces of Greece and Egypt in the air.

“The Greeks have 155 F-16 Fighting Falcons, as well as 24 Mirage 2000-5 Mk2. If you add another 200 Egyptian F-16s, then the balance of power leaves no chance for the ‘Turkish’ Su-35s”, say the Russians.

“Of course, the outcome of air battles is affected not only by the number of aircraft, nor by the training of pilots, although these factors should not be underestimated”, writes the newspaper Svobodnaya Pressa, citing the Turkish Milli Gazete.

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