Second Covid-19 tests on 12 crew members of Mein Schiff cruise ship come back negative

Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) units are on board the cruise ship conducting tests

According to information, the second Covid-19 tests to the 12 crew members of the “Mein Schiff” cruise ship came back negative. Initially, they had tested positive for the virus after a test that was submitted to a laboratory in Crete.

According to the same information, the 12 tests in Crete were found to be marginally positive and the second tests were carried out at sea by the special PCR mechanism of the cruise ship for coronavirus tests.

Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) units are on board the cruise ship, which “moored” in Piraeus at dawn, in order to carry out a set of new tests all 12 members of the quarantined crew and the other passengers.

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If the new tests turn out negative then the cruise ship is expected to continue its voyage.

The “Mein Schiff 6” sailed into the port of Piraeus at 04:58 in the early hours of Tuesday. Until the completion of the tests from the EODY units no one will disembark, neither passengers nor crew.

The cruise ship is carrying 922 passengers and 666 crew members and was operating the route Heraklion-Piraeus-Corfu (the ship started at 10 on Sunday night from Heraklion to Corfu and Piraeus). As part of the sampling tests carried out, 150 samples were taken from the crew, with 12 of them initially “coming out” positive for the coronavirus.