Signatures for Line 4 of the Metro – Mitsotakis: The country is turning the page (videos)

“We came close to the idea of ​​canceling the relevant competition. We insisted and the works will start within the summer”

The signatures for the biggest construction project that is taking place after Attiki Odos, fell tonight in Galatsi, where in a few days the first construction sites of the new metro line 4 will begin to emerge for the start of the preliminary works of the project.

In the presence of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Costas Karamanlis, the contract of 1.2 billion euros is signed with the consortium “AVAX SA – GHELLA SpA – ALSTOM Transport S.”. The three companies with great know-how in metro projects undertake for the next 8 years to upgrade some of the most densely populated areas of Athens, creating 15 new stations that will be the backbone of the new line from Galatsi to Goudi, crossing the heart of the city and areas such as Kypseli, Exarchia and Kolonaki.

It is a gigantic project that begun its planning process in the early 90’s but many designs had to be erased and rewritten until it matured and was announced in 2017.

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The Prime Minister in his speech at the event for the signing of the contract for Line 4 of the Metro, in Athens, underlined that in 2006 in a speech in the Parliament, a new MP at the time, he had dared to predict that if we do not move quickly to expand Athens Metro network, it will grind to a halt.

“I believe that 15 years later this prediction is still relevant. I am glad that we will sign a contract for the largest public project that will take place in our country”, pointed out Kyriakos Mitsotakis and added: “It is a project of 1.6 billion euros, it will cover the most densely populated areas, it will give significant value to properties, it will give access to the Metro in emblematic areas. When we came to power the issue of line 4 seemed like an unsolved riddle. We came close to the idea of ​​canceling the relevant competition. We insisted and the works will start within the summer”.