Stefanos Tsitsipas: I have feelings for Theodora Petalas

The two met through family friends three years ago

Stefanos Tsitsipas rarely opens up about his personal life. But in a rare case, the no. 5 ranked young tennis player spoke to Greek magazine “Down Town” and referred to his beloved Theodora Petalas, revealing details about their acquaintance.

“We have known each other for three years through family friends. We first met in New York and I really liked her as a girl, but I was shy then and I did not express my feelings. But two years ago, back in New York, I asked her out on a date to go to Brooklyn for photos, and I think she liked it. I took some photos which are still my favourites”, he said. “She is a person who has supported me a lot, has brought me to a serious balance and I have a lot of feelings for her,” said the athlete.

Last February, Stefanos made a dedication to Petalas after his great victory over Nadal in Melbourne. “T.P this was for you”, Stefanos wrote, sending her hugs from Australia.

Describing herself, Petalas on her LinkedIn page writes “Recent master’s graduate with extensive experience in managing digital projects”.