Swiss International Air Line adds Santorini as destination to itinerary

It has extended its flights to Athens and Thessaloniki

Swiss International Air Line has extended its flights to Thessaloniki and Athens while adding Santorini as a new destination from next summer. The company, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, has announced its summer flight schedule for this year.

Swiss has added three new destinations to its itinerary from Geneva: Santorini, from 19/6, with 2 flights a week, Split in early July, and from the beginning of September, the island of Madeira, in the Atlantic. The busiest destinations from Geneva this summer will be London (Heathrow), Athens, Porto, and Lisbon. Finally, Swiss will be the only company with a direct weekly flight to Ponta Delgada, Azores.

As a result of the ongoing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Swiss does not anticipate a significant return to travel activity until the summer. The recovery of the aviation industry is further delayed due to the emergence of new coronavirus mutations, prolonged traffic bans in many countries, the closure of borders, and the continued application of severe travel restrictions.

Especially in the second quarter of 2021, the flight schedule will be significantly smaller than originally planned, with only 37% of the available capacity in 2019.

During the third quarter, Swiss expects to be able to offer about 65% of this level again. The main weight will be lifted by Zurich, from where a total of 85 destinations will be served, followed by Geneva with 43 destinations. In its selection, Swiss decided to focus on leisure and visiting, as business travel is expected to recover more slowly.


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