EU lawmakers adopt resolution for Covid-19 vaccination certificate

The MEPs called for measures to safeguard travel across the EU

MEPs called for the adoption of a common vaccination certificate, which could be used instead of a molecular test (PCR) or quarantine if there is sufficient evidence that vaccinated people do not transmit the virus.

The MEPs called in a draft resolution on an EU strategy for sustainable tourism, approved by the Transport and Tourism Committee on Thursday with 47 votes in favor and two against.

EU lawmakers argue that mutual recognition of vaccination procedures should also be considered while a common EU Passenger Tracking Form (PLF) should also be developed and voluntary, interoperable, and anonymous tracking and warning applications developed.

The text states that the pandemic has shifted the demand of travellers to “safe and clean” forms of sustainable tourism. MEPs call on the Member States to fully implement, without delay, common criteria for travel safety, including a common EU health and safety protocol for pre-departure testing, but also to impose quarantine measures only as a last resort.

The draft resolution also calls on the Commission to introduce a European hygiene certification label, which could certify that some minimum standards are met to prevent and limit the spread of coronavirus, thus helping to restore consumer confidence in the tourism and travel sectors.