UPDATE Tatoi: The fire that reached the royal tombs & containers with the historic items has been extinguished

The historic buildings are safe for now

UPDATE: The fire in the Tatoi Estate has been put out and forces remain on stand by in case of a resurgence .


A red alarm has signaled the Tatoi Estate as the fire is inside next to the royal cemetery and a breath away from the special containers where approximately 100,000 valuable historic items are stored.

According to what the President of the “Friends of Tatoi Association”, Mr. Vassilis Koutsavlis, stated to protothema.gr, the situation is extremely critical and the former royal estate, along with the buildings inside, are now in immediate danger of being destroyed.

“The situation is tragic. New fires are constantly breaking out in the forest area. At the moment, there is a large fire just behind the royal cemetery, while the flames have approached the containers with the valuable items”, he underlines with deep disappointment.

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