The Atlantis Ring: Ancient myths & mysticism converge

According to Belizal the original Atlantis ring was found in 1860 in the Valley of the Kings during an excavation and it was initially known as the Ring of Luxor

According to the Timaeus and Critias of Plato (435 BC), 10,000 years ago there was a majestic continent island larger than Libya and Asia combined that birthed a mighty people with wonders and technologies bestowed on them by Poseidon himself. They were the Mighty Atlanteans who conquered and enslaved the proto tribes of Northern Europe, North Africa, Egypt, and Greece.

However, in 9445 BC, the tribes of Athens led an international resistance force against the Atlantean empire. The alliance won, forcing the Atlanteans to retreat past the Pillars of Hercules, only to fall to natural disasters and sink to the bottom of Poseidon’s ocean in a single day. Whether it is true or not, according to John Echel all that would remain would be the Atlantis ring of Luxor left behind in Egypt by an evacuating Atlantean priest. It would then disappear into the abstractions of history.

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The enslaved people of Europe, Africa, Egypt, and Greece were free once more only to watch as their alliance dissolved as fast as their Atlantean oppressors. With the demise of this ancient international alliance, so the historical memories of the past were lost. All that would remain were fragments of stories told to Socrates, and finally, Plato.

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