These are the new Greek police patrol cars (photos)

There are 45 new cars

The fleet of the Greek Police was strengthened with 45 new vehicles, which will be distributed throughout Greece in order to renew the old fleet of patrol vehicles.

The vehicles will be distributed throughout the Territory and in particular, the 20 will be taken to police precincts in Attica, 8 in Thessaloniki, 6 in Central Macedonia, 6 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 2 in Western Macedonia, 2 in Epirus, and 1 in the South Aegean.

Within 2020 the Greek Police implemented one of the largest arms and weapons overhauls, completing a cycle of receiving 1,453 new vehicles.

The addition of these vehicles significantly enhances and upgrades the operational readiness and response of local police services and improves the level of services provided for the benefit of society as a whole.