Thessaloniki among top 20 cities for ‘digital nomads’ in the world

According to the Big 7 Travel company

The city of Thessaloniki was included among the top 50 best destinations for “digital nomads, according to popular travel company Big 7 Travel.

The list compiled by Big 7 Travel took into consideration various parameters drawing on data from the Nomad List, one of the largest platforms in the world for evaluating various cities around the globe by the “digital nomads” themselves.

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The second-largest Greek city and largest urban centre in the Macedonian region managed to climb to 16th place.

“Who does not dream of living in an ancient, picturesque city in the heart of the Mediterranean, with friendly inhabitants, delicious food, and amazing landscapes?” Here you will find reliable internet speeds of 15 Mbps, a high level of security, and low cost of living “.

Regarding the office space, the article emphasises that “Thessaloniki has many charming cafes as well as places ideal for work”.