Tour du Péloponnèse 2020: Success despite the difficulties from the pandemic (teaser-photos)

Never Say Die!

Traditionally, each Tour du Péloponnèse starts on Sunday, after the award of the previous one.

So the Tour du Péloponnèse 2020 started with the end of the award ceremony of the Tour du Péloponnèse 2019. And it started in best possible way with the 55 participants that were already onboard as early as the beginning of March…

And then came Covid.

As the organizers note about this almost impossible task:

“We thought many times to cancel the race. But what established us in the past was precisely our stability and our ability to operate in adverse conditions. Taking into account all the data and adhering to the health protocols, we decided to move on.

We had almost 20 ‘transfers’ for 2021. We understand the adverse conditions but we are sure now that, looking at the photos, they regretted it and would like to be here. The 27 foreign crews along with the 17 Greek (and three for the “short” tour) will be known as the “die hards”!

For those of us who experienced it from the inside, we tried to offer the best to the participants and we advertised our country once again, especially this year, as a safe destination.

A big ‘thank you’ to the Local Authorities that embraced TDP2020, to our sponsors who supported us in an incredibly difficult year. Many congratulations to the whole team of Triskelion. Almost all of us had to work side by side to realize a 7-day international race under the current conditions.

Thank you too, all the participants who trusted us! For us, you are all winners in a bet against misery and depression”.

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