Turkey slammed for airstrike that killed three women in Syria

Turkey’s invasion and occupation of part of northern Syria has sowed chaos and instability, including fueling extremist groups and ethnic cleansing

Turkey has been slammed for a drone strike in Syria that killed three women on June 23. It is the latest human rights violation by Turkey in Syria after revelations that Turkish-backed Syrian extremist groups have been kidnapping women in Afrin and holding them in secret prisons.

Turkey is a NATO member. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo extended his deepest sympathies to the families of those killed on the Kobane airstrike, but did not mention Turkey by name.

Three women were killed in the airstrike on Tuesday. According to Kurdistan24 the women included Zehra Berkel, a female activist for women’s rights. Activists claimed she was targeted because Turkey’s regime increasingly has a male dominated “patriarchal face.” Local media in Syria said that the other victims of the strike were Mizgin Xelil and Amina Waysi. Social media activists have said the airstrike is yet another example of how Ankara’s role in Syria is increasingly a war on women and minorities.

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