Videos of the earthquake in Croatia – 6 dead – Extensive damages (Upd.)

There are problems with electricity supply in parts of Croatia & the Slovenian nuclear plant has been shut down as a precaution

UPDATE: The death toll has risen to 6 as five more people were found dead.

Four of them are sadly members of the same family.


A 12-year-old girl was found dead under the rubble by a 6.4 earthquake that struck Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, just 9 km from the town of Sisak on Tuesday afternoon.

Four aftershocks followed, 3, 3.4, 3.7 and 4.4 Richter.

According to information from the international news agencies ABC News and the Associated Press, buildings have collapsed, while there are reports of several injured.

According to the “Independent” in the area earlier, firefighters immediately rushed to free a person from a car, which was crushed by the rubble of a building. Rescuers managed to free a man with minor injuries from the car.

Sisak is a river town and a port in Croatia. It is located on the banks of the Savo River, 57 km southeast of Zagreb. It is the capital of the province, a railway junction and a large industrial center with large oil refining facilities.

It is noted that a 5.2 magnitude earthquake had occurred yesterday at 7:28′ in the morning Greek time in central Croatia, 50 km southeast of Zagreb.

Croatian seismologists talk about a very strong earthquake.

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The Croatian Red Cross says there is a serious problem in the Petrinia region, with President Zoran Milanovic and Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic rushing to the scene.

There are also problems with electricity supply in parts of Croatia, and the Slovenian nuclear plant has been shut down as a precaution.