Whale swallows two women in kayak (video)

Both women were unharmed

Two women who were kayaking in California experienced moments of horror when a large humpback whale “swallowed” them.

Julie McSorley and Liz Cotriel were whale-watching in their kayaks when they had this … unfortunate close encounter.

As McSorley said there were a lot of birds and fish in the area and people took their cameras out thinking that something might happen. She said they noticed whales in the distance, but seconds later one was right underneath them.

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“The first thing I thought was that I was going to die, that I was dead. I thought the whale would hit me. The next thing I remember is that I was underwater,” Cotriel said describing her terrifying experience.

Fortunately, neither woman was injured and their only loss was the keys to the car of McSorley.

video  credit KSBY News YouTube via Mandy Boyle