Yeni Safak: The military solution is the only solution for the Greek islands

“Turkey has the legal right to invade the Greek islands, as it did in Syria”!

Once again, the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak provocatively presents to its readers a possible Turkish military intervention in the Greek islands as a legitimate reaction to the fact that Greece has military forces on its islands for their defence.

“Turkey is the Legally Powerful Side: For the Armed Islands The Only Solution is the ‘Military Choice'” is the newspaper’s title, which acts as the “unofficial press office” of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as it occasionally promotes and practically unofficially announces the intentions of the Turkish government, thus preparing the public for what is coming.

The newspaper, in this article, presents the inflammatory views of Hassan Ozkan, executive of the Roumeli-Balkan Strategic Research Center.

It specifically states:

“Greece, which to date has rejected calls from Turkish diplomacy for a fair share in the Eastern Mediterranean, with its agreement with Egypt has closed its gates to this possibility. Experts say that Turkey is legally strong and state that: The international court will be forced to make a decision against Greece. Greece, knowing this and because the violations of rights are not in accordance with the law, tries to put them on a political basis. The experts, referring to the militarized islands, said that the only solution is the military option”.

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Hasan Ozkan points out to Geni Safak that “if diplomacy fails, Turkey has the legal right to invade the Greek islands, as it did in Syria for self-defense”!

“France and Greece are trying to persuade the EU on the issue of sanctions against Turkey. But it is clear that other countries do not see this so warmly because they see the truth. Because what Greece is doing is obvious. The EU must not neglect its existential values. It should not jeopardize its relations with Turkey due to the illegal demands and wishes of Greece”, says Ozkan, presenting Greece as an…”invader” in the Aegean islands.