ALERT! Berlin attack suspect killed in Italy! (Upd2)

One officer wounded

Anis Amri, the suspect behind Monday night’s terror attack in Berlin, has been killed in a police shootout in Milan, according to an unconfirmed report by Panorama, an Italian news magazine.

Panorama reported that Amri pulled out a gun and began shooting at the officers.

It said that an officer who had been on the job for nine months then killed the suspect. The officer was shot in the shoulder but is alive. Italy’s top law enforcement official, the interior minister, Marco Minniti, is due to address the press at 10:45 am (9.45am GMT).

The German media report that an individual between 25-30 years old male from Magreb (Northern Africa) was killed in Milan.


(11:54′ UPDATE)

According to unconfirmed sources, a ticket from France was found on the body.

There are many questions as to how he left Germany in the first place.


The man shouted “allahou akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) before pulling a .22 caliber gun to the police officers that stoped him in a routine check.


(12:04′ UPDATE)

According to sources the fingerprints have identified the man killed in Berlin as Anis Amri.


Interior minister Marco Minniti is about to start speaking at the news conference where he will possibly confirm that the Berlin Christmas market attacker has been shot dead.