Almost 4 million Greeks in debt to tax authorities!

More than 1,5 million in the process of forced seizure

Almost 4,000,000 Greeks are in debt to the tax authorities, with more than 1,5 million in the process of forced seizure.

In March 2018, overdue debts to the Greek state by taxpayers amounted to 101.641 billion Euros, compared to 101,609 billion euros in February, according to the data released by the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

As the data shows, the old overdue debts to the state (created up to 31.12.2017) in March decreased to 97.885 billion euros, compared with 98.340 billion euros in February.
The new overdue debts (from 1.1.2018 onwards) increased in March to 3.555 billion euros compared to 2.779 billion euros in February.
As far as arrears from tax debts are concerned, in March they increased to EUR 3,309 billion, from EUR 2,601 billion in the previous month.