Amal Alamuddin on the verge of anorexia?

She has lost a lot of weight recently

More and more tabloids are writing articles on Amal Alamuddin’s figure, lately, many stating that George Clooney’s partner is on the verge of anorexia nervosa.


The truth is that Amal has lost way too much weight recently, making many think that something’s wrong with her nutrition.


“RadarOnline” states that Amal is estimated to weigh around 45 kg, which, considering her 1.75m height, is completely abnormal.


UK CLIENTS MUST CREDIT: AKM-GSI ONLYHollywood megastar George Clooney and his wife Amal joined her parents Ramzi and Baria Alamuddin for a casual dinner at Caravaggio restaurant in New York, NY.Pictured: Amal ClooneyRef: SPL1011865  280415 Amal Clooney takes her parents Ramzi and Baria Alamuddin and sister Tala Alamuddin to visit George Clooney on set in downtown NYC.Pictured: Amal ClooneyRef: SPL1015416  020515  Picture by: XactpiX / Splash NewsSplash Ne Amal Clooney holds