UPD- Son of 38-year-old Greek woman with coronavirus also tested positive, as well as second woman

Official announcements are expected shortly

UPD- The Health Ministry’s spokesperson Dimitris Tsiodras said that two more cases of coronavirus were confirmed including the son of the 38-year-old woman who had been infected in Italy. Speaking at a press conference in the Ministry he also confirmed that another woman in Athens had been infected after also travelling to Northern Italy.

Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias said authorities had decided to cancel all public events for precautionary reasons, as all European countries had done. The decision will affect the Patras Carnival, Greece’s largest open-air festival which brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from all over the country.


The child of the 38-year-old woman who was admitted to the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki on Wednesday after testing positive with the coronavirus was also infected with the virus, according to reports.

Official announcements are expected shortly.

The ministries of health and education decided to shut down the 105th Thessaloniki Elementary School, where the child is going. The child had gone to school the previous days but then had mild symptoms. The school is undergoing disinfection today.

The woman is being monitored under quarantine at the hospital and is reportedly in good condition.

The patient will remain in isolation for 14 days, according to the international treatment protocol, taking appropriate medication and based on scientific data on the incubation time of the virus that is now touching and 27 days will be required after leaving the hospital. AHEPA Hospital to remain home restricted.

Greek public health authorities are on high alert after the first confirmed coronavirus case in the country and are trying to detect all the individuals the woman had come into contact with. The woman had recently travelled to Milan before arriving in Greece.

The Ministry of Health is monitoring a number of suspicious cases that have been recorded mainly involving people who have travelled to northern Italy.