Cavusoglu: We will react if our drill ships are hindered in Mediterranean

Turkey continues to up the ante in the region

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s told Italian daily Corriere della Sera that his country would “take all the necessary steps” to protect their drilling ships off the coast of Cyprus.

Responding to a question in Rome during the International Political Science Forum over the rising tensions in the eastern Mediterranean region and Turkey’s oil drilling exploration, the top Turkish diplomat made it clear his country would react if necessary.

Asked whether Turkey will use its power in its drilling activities in the Mediterranean, Cavusoglu replied: “On the Cyprus issue, we have done everything to find a solution and we have said that unilateral actions should not be taken, We have also proposed that the proceeds be shared through a committee and we have forwarded this proposal to Greek Cypriots, Greece to the EU and the UN. We do not want to fight with anyone in the eastern Mediterranean, but if I need to protect my ships, I will take all the necessary measures, whatever they may be.”

Turkish Press: Greece activated S-300s in Crete

Meanwhile, the pro-Erdogan daily Yeni Safak is hyping Greece’s reactions to the Turkish provocations in the regions dubbing Greece a “rowdy neighbour” in its headline. The Turkish daily Yeni Safak claims that Athens had activated the S-300 anti-missile system in Crete for fear of being attacked by Turkey.

According to the report, Greece is now launching threats against Turkey. “From the Minister of Defence (Greece) to the Chief of the Navy and some politicians and retired military officers they are dreaming of a war with Turkey,” writes Yeni Safak, claiming that the Greek military system has rendered the S-300 in Crete active and sent special forces and unmanned aircraft to the island.