Elephant protects its master! (amazing video)

Love is reciprocal

A lot of news stories have surfaced over the years showing the unbelievable suffering animals are subjected to in zoos from all over the world. Video footage of animal caretakers treating caged creatures with the utmost cruelty make us cringe and infuriated. The following video illustrates that wild animals react to their masters in a reciprocal way. If you give an animal love, care and affection, it is certain to reciprocate in exactly the same way. The clip features an elephant by the nameThongsri who is 17 years of age residing at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While he was basking at the sun, he saw his caretaker being molested (jokingly) by another person. He just took full charge and went to rescue his caretaker. It is not the first time for me to see an animal making friendship with a human, but this elephant had taken it to another level!