Extreme weather about to hit Greece again!

Authorities are worried about possible floods


A new wave of bad weather will hit Greece in the following hours, starting from the western parts of the country with possible snowfall on the northern Ionian Sea and rains and storms on the southern.


The weather forecast released mentions severe snowfalls on the western, central and northern parts of the mainland.


The weather conditions will gradually start to improve on Wednesday afternoon in most of the country. In most of the Peloponnese and throughout the Aegean, there will be rains and local storms.


In Attica there is no snowfall expected.


Things will improve on Thursday and only on the islands of the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese and Cyclades the bad weather will continue for a few more hours.


The rains on the mountains in the mainland will melt the snow that has accumulated and there is a serious possibility of floods on the lowlands.


The winds in the Aegean will be South up to 9 Bfs. The temperature until the weekend will remain quite low.