“Feminist Strike” held for the 1st time in Greece

They want to honour International Women’s Day

Greek feminist groups are going on a “Feminist Strike” to honour Women’s Day for the first time ever.

Women’s collectives and trade unionists called on all female workers to stop working for one day.

Feminist organisations, women’s collectives, trade unions and women’s parties held a press conference on Monday inviting female workers in the private and public sector, farmers, students, and all women, to stop work and lessons, abstain from buying products and abandon family responsibilities for a whole day.

A gathering has been scheduled at 2 pm at Klathmonos Square.
“Women continue to be the majority of the unemployed and the long-term unemployed, to be paid less than men for the same job, to be under-represented in parliament, to be indirectly excluded from political and economic decisions, to be subjected to gender violence and to be victims of forced prostitution “, stressed, among others Professor Maria Gatsouka.

The Feminist Strike began as an International Women’s Strike in 2016, on the initiative of feminist organisations from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.