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GfK: Impressive bookings for the 2017 tourist offers for Greece in Germany & UK

One more good year ahead for the Greek tourist industry

The bookings of the 2017 tourist offers in Germany and the UK for Greek destinations are really impressive. The data come from the famous GfK company that provides information about the tourist markets and the behavior of the German and British tourists.

The period that most bookings take place in Central and Northern Europe is the first three months of every year.

German tourists
Specifically for Germany, the increase for Greece are up close to 59%, which places Greece second only to the Balearic islands. Cyprus and Croatia are following a similar trend while Egypt seems to coming back as well.

The refugee crisis doesn’t seem to scare the Germans as Greece is considered a safe destination.

British tourists
The booking in the UK keep increasing regardless of the Brexit. Greece is in the second place after Spain, with a 12% increase since last year.

The majority of the British tourists are expected from May to September, while there is an increase in the expected arrivals in October. The Dodecanese, the Ionian islands and Crete will be the main destinations for the British in 2017.

Apart from Spain, there is an increase for Portugal, Cyprus and Morocco as well. Turkey and Egypt, on the other hand, will have a significant drop this year.

The GfK’s “Travel Sight” is based on the collection of data from 1.200 tourist offices, 30 booking sites and 20.000 carefully chosen households, a total of 45.000 people. The survey includes business travels and one-day trips as well.