Good Friday in jail for the two Greek soldiers

They met with their parents for the first time without the security glass separating them


The two Greek soldiers, Aggelos Mitroudits and Dimitris Kouklatzis, are in the high security prison of Adrianople for the 36th day. They are being held since March 1, after their arrest in Kastanies, Evros.

Today, Good Friday, they will see their parents for the fifth time. The visit was scheduled to take place at 13:00 at midday and, as expected, the climate will be highly charged due to Easter days.

An important difference, compared to previous visits, is that the parents of Angelos Mitroodis and Dimitris Koutlatzis may see their children without the security glass separating them.

According to the Adrianople Prison Rules, this possibility is available once a month. So far, this has not happened.

The parents of the two Greek soldiers, prior to the visit, will have a meeting at the Greek consulate to be informed about the latest developments.