Greeks don’t trust Trump, Pew survey shows (infographic)

Low confidence in Trump worldwide

76% of Greeks do not trust US President Donald Trump, according to a worldwide survey by Piew Research centre. The results of the global survey only add insult to injury for the new president of the United States. The research, conducted by Pew research Center, shows that confidence around the globe in President Trump to do the right thing when it comes to world affairs is generally very low. On average, 22 percent of people have faith in the U.S. president.

The most upbeat of the countries surveyed is the Philippines, where 69 percent of citizens said they had confidence in Trump. Joining the South East Asian country in its majority support is Vietnam (58 percent), Nigeria (58 percent), Israel (56 percent), Russia (53 percent), Kenya (51 percent) and Tanzania (51 percent).

The most pessimistic country is Mexico, with a mere 5 percent professing confidence. Close behind is Spain, with 7 percent, and Jordan with 9. But for a president that was elected on a pledge of ‘America First’, will he or his supporters really care?

source: statista