Greeks pay their last respects to beloved actor Kostas Voutsas (video-photos)

Thousands attend the funeral services

In an emotional and somber atmosphere, Greeks are paying their last respects to their beloved comedian Kostas Voutsas on Friday, who passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Fellow actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, public figures and personalities along with thousands of ordinary people have gathered at the Athens Metropolitan Cathedral to bid the actor farewell.

His body has been laying in repose in the chapel of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens since Thursday, and will remain there for a few hours on Friday morning, so that friends, loved ones and members of the public may pay their respects. The funeral will take place later on Friday at the First Cemetery of Athens.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakogiannis, has announced that, as a “Token of Honour” for the tremendous contribution that Kostas Voutsas made to Culture and the Arts, a grave at the prestigious First Cemetery of Athens has been gifted to the family.

A number of figures delivered eulogies at the services in memory of the actor.