Hot models for the Cold weather! (HOT PHOTOS)

The antidote we need!…

Lets face it: The temperature all over Europe is zero and below… So we need anything that will keep us warm.


Any idea will do and here is what we came up with: Sizzling Hot Models!


Can you really blame us?…







Model Cara Delevingne the face of new YSL product. Thousands of women have joined the waiting list for a new 24-hour foundation which uses space-age technology. See swn story SWMAKEUP. Unsightly tide-marks and the caked-on look have been a persistent nightmare for millions of women wearing foundation. But Yves Saint Laurent claim to be able to bring an end to the problem with the groundbreaking Fusion Foundation. The new makeup has taken inspiration from the processes used by space scientists to capture stellar dust particles. It is also the latest product that Cara Delevingne has loaned her face to - with the A-list beauty fronting the productís ad campaign. And the product seems to have gone down a storm with more than 12,000 women already joining the waiting list - almost a month before it is released





NEW YORK - December 18, 2013 - PULSE - Jen Selter is best known for her "butt" which has over one million instagram followers. Her one leg on the ground, one leg extended to the back has become known as "seltering" and is a current internet meme. Photo By Zandy Mangold.