IMF projects a 2.4% rise in Greek GDP in 2019 before it drops off

The Fund released its annual World Economic Outlook report

The International Monetary Fund is optimistic about Greece’s growth rate and the prospects of its economy for 2019, warning, however, that the global economy is at a “highly volatile” juncture.

In its World Economic Outlook report presented ahead of the General Assembly to take place next weekend and, as far as Greece is concerned, the Fund retains the previous forecast for GDP growth of 2.4%.
At the same time, it projects that in 2020 growth will be limited to 2.2% of the GDP, while in the medium term it estimates that the pace of GDP growth will be halted significantly. Specifically, in 2024 it forecasts a rise of only 1.2%.
As far as this year is concerned, the Fund estimates the Greek GDP will increase by 2.7% in the fourth quarter. For 2020, it estimates Q4 will run at 1.8% of GDP.

The IMF projects unemployment will fall to 18.5% this year and will fall by another percentage point next year to 17.5%.

The Fund estimates inflation will accelerate for this year, while the bar will rise to 1.1% for 2019, to 1.4% next year and stand at 1.8% in 2024.