“Islam is the religion of peace”….Well, not exactly (video)

Endless battles for dominance since its inception

Islamic terrorism and jihadist attacks against the west has unfortunately rapidly increased since the creation of groups like Al Quaeda and more recently the Islamic State (ISIS). Pundits and talking heads in the west have been trying to explain this sudden rise in attacks against western countries and have most of the times attributed the radicalisation of Muslim youth in the west to the foreign policy of the EU and the US in the middle East. Rarely have mainstream politicians and experts dared to address the proverbial elephant in the room, namely the religious ideology that this radical and barbaric behaviour stems from. The sacred Islamic texts of the Koran and the traditions of the prophet Mohammed, known as Hadith, have ample examples of passages that condone violence against non-believers and apostates of the faith in an effort to convert every non-Muslim to the faith. An interesting animated map shows how many times Muslims attacked the classical civilisations in the Mediterranean from the moment the religion sprang into existence in the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century AD. According to professor Bill Warner, Islam attacked the Mediterranean basin cities 584 times.


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