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Ship is “Okay” according to its captain – Still sails after sending out distress signal

Two Hellenic Armed Forces helicopters did successive fly-bys but saw no signs of life on board – The ship is out of Hellenic FIR – Rumors abound for hidden illegal immigrants on board

The “ghost ship” west of Corfu which reportedly is transporting around 700 illegal immigrants is covered by mystery after it sent out a distress signal through the European number, 112.


Two Greek military helicopters, a S-70B of the Hellenic Navy and an Agusta Bell of the Air Force successively flew over the freighter “Blue Sky”, but did not see anyone onboard, according to the Ministry of Defense!


Sources from the Coast Guard state that the SOS was not sent by the crew, but rather was a phone call which ultimately caused the mobilization of Greek authorities. The man who called stated “we have no water, blankets, or food”.


The pilots of the two helicopters did not manage to spot anyone onboard, something which intensifies the mystery of what happened aboard. At the present time “Blue Sky” is sailing towards the coast of Corfu at low speeds.


In the coming hours, Hellenic Navy frigate Navarino, after resupplying, is expected to move to the point where the suspected vessel is sailing, to run a check and see what is actually going on. The Coast Guard stated that the ship does not seem to have a buoyancy problem.


According to news channel “Channel 4″, the ship probably carries Syrian refugees, since it was moving from Turkey, to Croatia, but is now moving towards the south of Italy, having gone off course. The possibility of piracy has not yet been excluded. First information speaks of 400-700 people on board, while Reuters, citing Greek state TV states that there might be armed occupants on board.